Hippocom is South Africa's leader in low cost, high quality International Calls. Founded out of the deregulation of the telecommunications environment we are now able to offer what the rest of the world has been enjoying for many years. Cheap international calls.

International Pre-Paid Calling Card

Our international pre-paid calling cards allow you to call from your home, work or cellular phone to any international destination at our low cost rates. <More>

International Numbers Routed to a phone in your home

A new product from Hippocom allows you to get local UK or US numbers routed to a phone in your home. For this to work you require your own ADSL line. We are then able to provide you with a small device to connect to your ADSL line to which we then route local UK and US Numbers. You then connect a normal phone to this device.

This means that friends and family in these countries can make a local call which we will route to the device in your home. We charge a monthly fee of R149 for this service. All inbound calls are free. For more information contact us at info@hippocom.co.za