hippocom International Calling Cards

Product Summary

Our International Pre-Paid Calling Cards are available for just R80. These cards allow you access to all our international destinations at lowest prices.

Price: R80

Hippocom Calling Card

By calling our local access numbers you are connected directly to our international network. Follow these three easy steps to make your call
  1. Enter your User ID
  2. Enter You Password
  3. Dial the number required

When your balance gets low, just purchase another prepaid card, or top-up your existing card with a recharge voucher available directly from Hippocom.

Alternatively we can debit your account by a fixed amount every month and credit your calling card. This way you are able to set a monthly budget for international calls. (Minimum increment = R40.00).

Please note that you will pay the cost of connecting to our gateway for the duration of your call.

  • Prepaid so you cannot overspend
  • Local Access Number
  • Lowest Cost International Calls
  • Account Balance on demand